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Workshop: "PONG" arcade game - solder your own!

Soldering workshop - make your own "PONG" clone! We'll assemble a kit based on the ATmega328 microcontroller and a few 3D-printed parts. The ATmega simulates the gameplay, and also generates a PAL video signal that you can view on your TV. The kit includes both through-hole components, and SMD components. (register here)

If you're interested in participating, please send a mail to, and specify which version of the kit you'd like:

  • a bare-bones kit: PCB + components, baseboards, paddles (€25)

  • a full kit: the bare-bones kit, USB cable for power, cinch-cable for connecting to a TV, all packaged in a nice box. (€35)

Webpage with more info:

The finished kit looks like this:


Day: 2019-04-27
Start time: 17:00
Duration: 02:00
Room: the studio

Language: en


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