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Lecture: Technologische Soevereiniteit 2 - Het Boek

Over de reis met enkelen om een boek te vertalen

This presentation which will first of all introduce you to the writings that are part of the 'sobtec2'-book and further stimulate to develop alternative ways to the narratives forced upon us by 'high-tech companies' and governments infested with misguided constructs of technological advancements that work best for them.

We'll try to discover ways around the walled gardens that are in place and very supportive to keep global power structures in place to further exploit humans on an individual basis as well as trying to recuperate connected communities by corrupting.

Besides a short intro into the theme and the various resulting essays that the project has produced, we'll discuss experiences gathered during the translation process, the printing phase and of publishing an actual book.


Day: 2019-04-28
Start time: 15:30
Duration: 00:45
Room: talk room

Language: en


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